Robi Call Block Service

Robi 'CALL BLOCK' Service: Dail 8181 or SMS 'reg' and send 8181 Number.  

Service Charges:

  • Monthly subscription 30TK
  • TK 5 per number.
  • Add to Black/White list (1st 10 number FREE)

SMS Keywords:
Keywords Send 8181 Number
To register  reg
Add number to black listaddb < space > number.
Example: addb 01XXXXXXX
See current black listbl
Delete number from black listdelb < space > number.
Example: delb 01XXXXXXXX
Add number to white listaddw < space > number.
Example: addw-01XXXXXXXX
To see current white listwl
Delete a number from white listdelw < space > number.
Example: delw 01XXXXXXXX
Switch to white listswl
Switch to black listsbl
This information collect from ROBI customer care.
  • For  Unregister  type 'unreg' and send 8181 Number.


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