Banglalink vehicle tracking: ntrack

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protect your car through vehicle tracking system

monitoring and safeguarding any vehicle is now possible sitting at home! ntrack vehicle tracking system is a state-of-the-art service which enables anyone to track a vehicle or a fleet to ensure better security of vehicles by reducing auto theft which is an alarming issue these days in major metro areas. with this service, you can even switch off your car from a remote location. all you need is a gprs enabled handset and a banglalink data package to go to internet and you can monitor the vehicle live.

banglalink and nits service pvt. ltd., a sister concern of nitol-niloy group, signed an agreement on 9th september 2009 to jointly promote the ntrack vehicle tracking system. a special discount of 20% on device price and yearly service charges will be provided to banglalink users.
major features of ntrack are
dhaka metropolitan police (dmp) hq has a monitoring tool at their end for ntrack with which they will be able to monitor any stolen car/vehicle if the device is installed in that car.

frequently asked questions
1. what is vehicle tracking system (vts)?ans: vehicle tracking system is a location tracking service that allows any client or corporate organization to locate cars/vehicles with the help of global positioning satellite (gps).
2. who is the technical partner for vts of banglalink?
ans: nits service private ltd., a sister concern of nitol-niloy group, is our technical partner for the service. nits will be responsible:

3. what are the features of ntrack vts?
ans: main features of ntrack are:

4. what is the price of the device?ans: the device costs one time fee of tk. 12000 only. annual servicing fee is tk. 7500 only. any banglalink user will get a 20% discount on availing the service.
5. would all banglalink users get the advantage?
ans: any person who is a banglalink user for the last three months is eligible for the offer. banglalink employees will also get similar benefits.

6. where can a person track the car?
ans: the car could be tracked in the web/internet gui provided by nits or in mobile if the mobile has gprs/edge package activated. separate username and password will be given to each user for this.

7. how much time will be needed to install the device?ans: it takes around two hours to install the device in a car (at nits workshop). however, due to queue, a prior schedule booking at the workshop will be needed. depending upon availability, nits also supports home service installation.
8. for any support or query, where can we call?ans: for any support or query, nits has given a dedicated customer care support hotline for banglalink users which is 01970000999.
9. what is the coverage area of the service?ans: the device can be located in any location of bangladesh where banglalink internet gprs/edge service is activated. therefore, tracking is possible in any location where our data coverage lies.

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